My paintings are based on slow movement, mainly on foot in different terrains. In recent years, in my works I have dealt with the world under the landscape. The basis of the work is in terrestrial observations, partly I imagine the invisible. I am especially fascinated by the history recorded in the soil and the movement that runs through its layers and sustains life in this moment. 

My perspective on the terrain, the forest and its underground activities is based entirely on individual experience, observation and imagination. The most essential thing in my work is to focus on the possibilities of slow and silent painting that arises from walking in the landscape.

I'm also interested in the concept of time in a painting;
the repeated and returning movement of the painting process which temporarily stops in the material, in relation to, for example, a moving image recording or a poem or lyric. Taking video notes in the terrain and experimenting with moving images around them have become an essential part of my painting process.



Visual Artist & Painter

b. 1976 in Iittala, Finland
Lives and works in Hämeenlinna, Finland

2019 MA, Aalto-university, School of Arts, Design and Architecture
2002 BFA, Satakunta University of Applied Sciences,School of Fine Art Kankaanpää, Finland
1997-98 Art School Maa, Helsinki, Finland 1995-96 Art School Maa, Evening Studies

2023 Häme Art Hall, Hämeenlinna, FI
2022 Poriginal gallery, Pori, Finland
2020 Rajatila Gallery, Tampere, Finland
2020 Galleria 5, Oulu, Finland
2020 Porvoo Art Hall / Kulma
2019 Gallery Kone, Hämeenlinna, Finland
2018 Höyry Gallery, Korpilahti, Finland
2016 Studio Mältinranta, Tampere, Finland
2016 Huuto Gallery, Jätkäsaari, Helsinki, Finland
2015 Gallery Becker, Jyväskylä, Finland
2013 Gallery Katariina, Helsinki, Finland
2012 Gallery Kone, Hämeenlinna, Finland
2011 Gallery Saskia, Tampere, Finland
2010 Gallery Jangva, Helsinki, Finland
2008 Gallery Just, Turku, Finland
2008 Gallery Ripustus, Hämeenlinna, Finland
2005 Gallery Jangva, Helsinki, Finland

2023 GWLAD AUR | KULTAMAA | GOLDEN LAND, Elysium Gallery, Swansea, UK
2020 PACHA SUOMI, Galerie OKK Organ Kritischer Kunst, Berlin
2019 Nurkan takana metsä, Renko, Hämeenlinna
2018 Emme olleet yksi, Ars-Häme ry, Old Glass Factory, Riihimäki
2016 Environment Jewellery, Vuojoki Mansion & Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Taike Pori
2015 Due to Sound, Hämeenlinna Art Museum and Gallery Kone
2015 Altogame virtual gallery
2014 Love, Tuusula Art Museum, Finland
2014 PskovArt, Pskov, Russia
2014 Voipaala Art Center, Valkeakoski, Finland (invited)
2013 Wavering View, Galerie Toolbox, Berlin, Germany
2011 Hämeenlinna Art Museum, Finland
2010 Art Centre Salmela, Mäntyharju, Finland
2010 Hämeenlinna Art Museum, Finland
2009 My North, Jetty Barracs Gallery,Helsinki, Finland
2009 Hämeenlinna Art Museum, Finland
2008 the kunstflecken08, Neumünster, Germany
2008 Gallery Katariina, Helsinki, Finland
2008 Taidepanimo, Pullopesula,Lahti, Finland
2008 Hämeenlinna Art Museum, Finland 2008 New Painting, Lahti Art Museum, Finlan

2022 NÄYTTÄMÖ -summer exhibition, Häme county goverment house, Hämeenlinna,
curators Aino Kannisto - Salla Laurinolli
2015 Spirited Mansion, Janakkala, Finland
2013 Workshop Ars Auttoinen, Finland

Hämeenlinna Art Museum
City of Tampere
City of Hämeenlinna
Central Hospital of Kanta-Häme Region
Hämeenlinna Art Museum Pedagogic Collection
Private Collections

2011 "Guardians of stories" , City of Hämeenlinna

2022, 2019, 2009, 2007 Finnish Cultural Foundation, Regional Fund of Häme, 1-year
2021, 2015 Arts Promotion Centre Finland, project grant
2020 Arts Promotion Centre Finland, COVID-19 grant
2020, 2014 The Arts Council of Häme, 4-month
2016 The Arts Council of Häme, 6-month
2015 Finnish Cultural Foundation, Regional Fund of Häme, 9-month
2013 Frame, exhibition grant (work group)
2012, 2007 The Arts Council of Häme
2011 Finnish Cultural Foundation, project grant
2008 The Arts Council of Häme, project grant
2007 City of Hämeenlinna, Artist grant
2005 Paulo Foundation
1999 Finnish Cultural Foundation, Regional Fund of Häme

2023 Künstlerhaus Lukas, Ahrenshoop, DE
2012 Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
2010 Grassina, Italy

Finnish Painters Union