Salla Laurinolli is a contemporary naturalism oriented painter, whose works originate from a strong sense of significance and harmony. Her starting point for a painting is realistic observation of an actual place, seeing the place as it is. Seeing leads to think there is a clue of some certain purpose to create a painting of a place. At first sight question is about something that seems like a rather modest, realistic painting.

Further on, the landscapes and places in perfect form, there is a disturbing feeling of something missing completely. Something is lacking to make sense to the scenery, even despite the delicate method of painting. With out the presence of humans, the openness and the feeling of emptiness makes wonder, how these variations from the observations create a space to consider alternative realities – like a trip to the ageless places in life – that have always been and always will. Seeing the place is not enough.

Nature, in it ́s so very quiet ways, hides it ́s purpose as the place for being. Traces of light and empty human surroundings distract from noticing the obvious. You are being alone. Earth is a miraculous creation and of unknown origin. Earthly colors act in discrete relation to the form and function. In this context that is something that makes one feel humble, time after time concretely reminding to work also with subtle thoughts. It is so easy to get distracted by the flashing and blinking of the world.

-Ville Laaksonen 2015