Workshop Ars Auttoinen 6.-11.10.2013workshop_ars_auttoinen_4.jpg

Yhteistyössä Lahden Taiteilijaseura, Ars-Häme ry ja Impact Arts, UK
A collaborative workshop between scottish and finnish artists, 
working together to create a joint installation over 5 days
Using found and local materials from the countryside surrounding Ars Auttoinen.
The installation aims to bring the outside in.
The installation was housed at the Riihimäki Art Museum 12.10.–27.10.2013.

The name of the installation was Seeing Beyond, symbolising both the journey the collaborative artists have
taken together and the value artists place on the everyday, celebrating objects, place and people who are
often left behind.
Natalie McFadyen White (b. 1980 Glasgow, UK)workshop_ars_auttoinen_2.jpg
Salla Laurinolli (b. 1976 Hämeenlinna, FI)
Jaakko Autere (b. 1986 Hämeenlinna, FI)
Tiina-Liisa Kaalamo (b. 1988 Lahti, FI)
Tiina Vaahtera (b. 1973 Lahti, FI)

September 2012 artists associations from Häme region took a trip to Scotland and they shared a vision of
future collaboration with local artist-run-organizations.
Sponsor and partnership: Ars Auttoinen, Keinohonka farm, Finnish Cultural Foundation/
Päijät-Häme Regional Fund, The Arts Council of Häme